What documents do I have to provide ?

  • CV (Europass format highly recommended - Template available on Europass website)
  • Motivation letter (600 words maximum)
  • Two reference letters (to be uploaded by your referees themselves)
  • University degrees (copy of original university degree and English translation)
  • University transcripts (copy of original university transcripts and English translation)
  • Passport or ID card
  • Language proficiency proof according to the chosen study pathway as described on the Europubhealth website
  • Proof of residence (only for students applying for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship)

Please refer to the Instructions for Applicants [pdf] on the home page for detailed instructions on each attachment.



  • EHESP School of Public Health
  • ScHARR/University of Sheffield
  • EASP/University of Granada
  • Maastricht University
  • Jagiellonian University Medical College Krakow
  • University of Rennes 1